Frank Vigneron. Hong Kong Soft Power (2018)

My work was featured in Frank Vigneron’s book Hong Kong Soft Power: Art Practices in the Special Administrative Region, 2005-2014 published by The Chinese University Press, 2018:


像藝術家一樣畫畫--有排(牌)寫生 Painting like an Artist – Plein Air



「我以前響旺角開麻雀館,亦學過水墨畫。」 “I used to run a mahjong school in Mongkok and practise Chinese ink painting.”

「畫得好靚喎!」 “It’s a beautiful painting.”

「日日都係國際寫生日。」 “Every day is International Plein Air Day.”

「記緊我的電話號碼,你有展覽要告訴我。」 “Please keep my phone number, and call me when you have an exhibition.”

This project is part of wen yau’s on-going Painting like an Artist series in which the artist starts from zero and acquires painting skills from various artists in Hong Kong. For the 2-year durational project After One Hundred at Oi!, she did a plein-air each month in the neighbourhood area within North Point district where she had been living since childhood.

By using the painting techniques learnt from other artists and drawing a place in North Point suggested by them, wen yau intends to re-observe the community where she finds familiar. Local neighbours and friends will be openly invited to join the plein air every month, and to encounter art in everyday life settings. The paintings she made during the 2 years not only convey stories or memories of people about these local places, but also present a survey on Hong Kong painters of different styles as well as her exploration of painting as an art form itself.

(exhibition view of After One Hundred, Oi!; photo by Connie Lo)


>> 有排(牌)寫生 的故事 Stories about each Plein Air


>> 有排(牌)寫生 Plein Air#00-#16

>> 關於「一百之後」計劃 About ‘After One Hundred’ project

This project was presented in the After One Hundred exhibition curated by Gum Cheng, at Oi!, Hong Kong, 31/7-18/10/2015

After One Hundred was part of the Sparkle! series presented by Arts Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), Hong Kong