A Letter to the Future

The past is haunting us from time to time like a ghost. Things may recur as they were but we by no means can redo the past. You, the Future, on the other hand, are our crush, a figment of our imagination. You are the unknown, so uncertain and unprecedented that we cannot be absolutely sure of. You are so intangible and unreachable that we would only endow you with our hope and/or even wishful thinking in a world where populism seems to override authenticity and money to outweigh humanity. You are the muse of make-believe, and the changes we envision to make are for an imaginary ‘you’ that we ever seek to meet. The enchantment of performance keeps us musing on the possibilities of freeing ourselves from the status quo.

The full article was published in Global Performance Studies issue 2.2.

Frank Vigneron. Hong Kong Soft Power (2018)

My work was featured in Frank Vigneron’s book Hong Kong Soft Power: Art Practices in the Special Administrative Region, 2005-2014 published by The Chinese University Press, 2018: